#TruGeneva: For The First Time In Switzerland

In Switzerland social media for HR is still very new.

But it’s clear that it will become a very important topic, especially for recruitment. Unfortunately, many Recruiters and Corporate HR professionals

  • don’t know where to start
  • fight an uphill battle within their organizations
  • spend a lot of time and energy figuring out what works on their own

And in many cases would simply like to share their questions and experiences with others.

The few companies who use social media recruitment successfully in Switzerland seem to have it easy.

But the fact is that they had to take the plunge one day, try out different things, make mistakes and learn from them. And the fact is that they often don’t even have big budgets.

Since social media is still very young nobody can pretend that they have it all figured out. The successful experts are simply those who started early, probably made more mistakes than others and kept at it until they found a way to make it work.

#TruGeneva (TRU = The Recruiting Unconference) is the ideal platform for open-minded and curious people who want to know more about how to use social media for recruitment and employer branding.

The more than 25 Recruiting Unconferences that have taken place on 4 continents since 2009 have proven again and again: whether you have been using social media for years or are still at the very beginning, your knowledge, questions and ideas are welcome and will benefit others.

But to make it clear, #TruGeneva is not

  • a classic conference where you listen to speakers all day
  • a training event where you will get ready-made solutions

Instead it’s a place where you will meet people who share your passion for HR and social media.

Now is the best time to get started with social media and learn about its many possibilities for HR and Recruitment.

Join us on 4 May 2012 for #TruGeneva,
the first Recruiting Unconference
to take place in Switzerland.


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